Searching for a Disinfecting & Sanitizing Company?

Searching for a Disinfecting & Sanitizing Company?

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Frequently Asked Questions?

These are some of the questions our customers may have:


Which Services Does Orlando Sanitizing offer?

We offer sanitation services to ensure that your residential or commercial area is disinfected. Orlando Sanitizing Solutions is dedicated to reducing the risk of bacteria and viruses spread by sanitizing your home or business. When you book us to sanitize your home, office, or business, it's important to realize that the proper disinfection begins with the identification of all high traffic and high traffic and high touch areas. These areas require special attention and preparation before fogging could begin.


Does Orlando Sanitizing Personnel use Personal Protective Materials?

Throughout the entire process from start to finish, all working personnel will be wearing appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including coveralls, gloves, glasses, and respirators.


What Disinfecting Systems does Orlando Sanitizing Utilize?

Once all personnel is suited up and high traffic areas are identified, using a UV Lamp, the Ultraviolet disinfecting system will be started. 


How Does Orlando Sanitizing Sanitize your Property?

After this process is done, the entire area to be disinfected can be fogged using an FDA Approved Solution. This fog will reach in areas that normal cleaning and disinfection almost never reach, giving you the peace of mind that your home, office, or business is safe and sanitized.


Can You be present during our sanitation session? 

We recommend for all persons and animals, to stay outdoors while we execute our sanitation session.
Once fogging is complete, you can return back to normal operation in as little as 30 minutes.


Does Orlando Sanitizing Solutions offers Disinfecting Services? 

Yes, For An Additional Fee; The Orlando Sanitizing Personnel will wipe clean all your doorknobs and light switches. To ensure full property disinfection. 




We are lucky enough to have received numerous reviews from our customers detailing their satisfaction with our work. These positive reviews were earned simply by being the best in offering tailored sanitation services for businesses and households. Feedback is always welcome, positive or negative, as every impression of our work helps us to provide a better product in the days to come. Of course, customer satisfaction is paramount, and any complaints or troubles will be seen to as quickly as possible.

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At Orlando Sanitizing Solutions we help our clients by disinfecting objects and surfaces to lower the risk of spreading bacteria & viruses.



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